Used Aluminium Melting Furnace for Sale

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Used Aluminium Melting Furnace for Sale

Crucible type Aluminium Melting Furnaces These are mainly used in melting and holding high magnesium alloys of Aluminum and Copper. Silicon Carbide Heaters are used as the main heat source. Crucible furnaces are small capacity furnaces used for small melting applications or exclusively as holding furnaces.
We offer following type of Aluminum Melting Furnace

  • 1. Tilting Type melting Furnace (Manually / Hydraulically Operated)
  • 2. Tower Type Aluminum Melting Furnace
  • 3. Crucible Type Holding Furnace
  • 4. Stationary Aluminum Melting / Holding Furnace

  • No Hard Oxidation Material, the temperature in the holding chambers is kept at about 50° c higher than that of molten metal. This minimizes possibility of formation of hard oxidation of material caused by over temperature condition.
    crucible furnaces with the primary heat source being electric, gas, heavy fuel. These crucible furnaces can be used for melting aluminium, copper, brass and in fact most nonferrous metals. In the electric range of crucible furnaces that silcarb manufactures the heat source usually is the silicon carbide heater which is manufactured in house. These heaters are highly energy-efficient and ensure energy consumption as low as 11 units of energy consumed to hold 500 kgs of molten metal. The heaters in combination with silcarb’s refractory insulation of microporous insulation and low-density insulation make this furnace very low energy, low capital, low maintenance furnace. The average life expected out of this combination of refractory insulation and heaters is usually 5-7 years of continuous operation. The same combination of refractory insulation is also extended to our fuel-fired(gas, heavy fuel) systems. Combustion systems used in the silcarb furnace is completely tailor-made to suit nonferrous applications. Recuperates, direct flame systems are used in order to increase efficiency. Flue paths inside the furnace are elongated to get maximum “time spent” in the furnace hot zone. Silcarb has a unique “crucible failure” alarm inbuilt in all its crucible furnaces as a safety feature.

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